NexSys IT provides you with the solutions you need to gain competitor advantage. We thoroughly audit your IT infrastructure and identify any current, medium term and long term issues. We then provide honest, expert advice as to which technology solutions will maximise your productivity through increased reliability and performance, whilst taking into account the size of your business, user mobility, your budget and any plans you have for expansion.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services are a cost effective way to maintain a secure IT environment. From technology and business consulting to system solutions, we are expertly placed to provide the right level of IT support for you.

Technology and Business Consulting

Although they operate in similar fields, our clients are unique in company structure, business operations and consequently, their IT requirements.

Infrastructure Solutions

Prudent IT planning focuses on pre-empting issues, rather than waiting until problems arise. In order to maintain maximum productivity, infrastructure must be carefully and continuously monitored and upgraded.

Workstations are powerful computers designed for professional applications and usage. Their faster performance, superior expandability and greater reliability is better suited to the demanding nature of work in the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industries than a PC.

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