Sean Zare

Sean is the Managing Director and Founding Partner of NexSys I.T. He has experience in providing solutions to the Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industry for the past 10+ years. His methodology to attacking problems is unlike most others with the ability to understand the technical and commercial aspects of I.T. in addition the risks/benefits which it presents to design organisations. He has been on panels for discussion of I.T. to the design environment, presented at many conferences and has a great sense of technology as it changes.

As Managing Director, Sean is in charge of overall long term strategy for the business, managements of major accounts and providing day to day direction to the sales and support team with the evolution of technology for this space.

Sean along with Maryam has grown the business from the ground up, starting with a single client back in April of 2013, to today in managing the technology requirements for design firms around the world, managing 5 offices in 3 countries and becoming HP’s Value Partner of the Year only after 2 years of being established.

Sean is responsible for ensuring the growth, consistency in service and overall health of the business. His ability to handle numerous undertakings simultaneously as well as keep his composure are what makes him a good leader.