Vince Ardestani

Vince has been with NexSys IT since our inception in April 2013. His extensive background includes Management of Training Business Unit at an IT Solution company for over 11 years and Technical Project Management as a senior project engineer in a manufacturing operation complying with U.S. DOD and ISO standards for over 10 years. He has a wealth of experience with Supply Chain Management

As Head of Operations, Vince manages the daily operation of our business to ensure our clients’ expectations are met without any flaws or shortcomings. This includes monitoring order placements and the configuration of our clients’ special build orders with our suppliers.


Fundamental to the success of our business, Vince is in regular contact with our partners, suppliers and distributors, negotiates pricing, sources products and ensures the logistics are in order from all sources to meet our required timeframes.

Vince is responsible for preparing reports for customers in addition to managing, escalating and rectifying all customer after-sales requirements and enquiries. His methodical approach, exceptional customer service and technical skills render him an invaluable member of our team and he is highly regarded by our clients.